Distance learning in South Africa – List of Colleges

Distance learning in South Africa, otherwise known as home study, has given thousands of South African students the opportunity to further their education.

South Africa has a long and proud history in South Africa, with UNISA being one of the biggest Universities in the world.  It gives access to studies to hundreds of thousands of students every year.

Not only is distance learning accessible to anyone, but it is also affordable – making it one of the most popular methods of furthering your studies.  The reason is it is so affordable is that the institution does not have to pay for overheads such as classrooms, permanent teachers for every class, and so on.  Running a campus is hugely expensive.  So distance learning institutions can pass on the big savings directly to their students in lower study fees.

One of the best features of distance education is that you can study from anywhere, in your own time and at your own pace.  This allows students to work and study at the same time.  Again making distance learning that much more affordable.

It also gives the student valuable work experience as they study – which is one of the critical factors in finding work when looking for a job at the end of your qualification.

Advantages of Distance Learning

There are many advantages to distance learning.

Here are some of the key ones:

  • Work and study at the same time to gain work experience
  • Working and study at the same time to help pay for studies
  • Distance learning fees are cheaper than classroom fees
  • Save money on traveling and accommodation costs
  • Study from anywhere in South Africa
  • You can shape your study time to when and how it suites you
  • Study as fast or as slow as suits you

Choosing a Distance Learning College

As with any studies you need to be careful when choosing your college.  South Africa is plagued by fly by night colleges, listed as bogus colleges by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

In order to check if the college you are considering is reputable you can ask them the following questions:

  • Have you applied to register with DHET
  • What accredited  courses do you offer
  • Whom are they accredited by? (You can then check with taht body if the accreditation is up to date and correct)

Once you are satisfied you need to check on the following areas

The quality of the study material

Some distance learning colleges do not tailor their study material for distance learning.

In a classroom you have a teacher to stand in front of you, and guide you through your learning.  In distance learning you only have your study material.

So ask if your textbook comes with a study guide to talk you through what to study, and gives you exercises to test your knowledge.  You do not want to be faced with having your study material arrive with just a textbook and assignments – you wont know where to start.

It should also be written in clear, simple language so you can easily understand what is being asked for you.

You can ask your potential college about this issues before you sign up, and ask them to send you scanned examples to be sure if it is right for you.

Student Support

Ask how your studies will be supported. You can get them to outline exactly what support you will receive, and when and how you get that support.

Some questions you can ask are:

  • Does your tutor call you monthly?
  • Can  you phone, email or WhatsApp?  Do you get to talk to your tutor directly when you are stuck, or do you need to call to make an appointment for a future date.
  • Do they offer online study groups where you can talk to tutors and fellow students?

Make sure you are getting excellent support! I really does make the difference between success and failure

Study fees

In order to complete your studies with as little stress as possible, your course needs to be affordable. Look for a college that has easy payment options, or offers discounts and bursaries. But once again, make sure that you still get a quality education.

It’s very important to do a bit of research and ask questions before selecting a college. It will help you to source the good from the bad, and result in you choosing a respectable college that can help you achieve your career and personal goals.

Questions you are can ask are:

  1. What happens if I cancel?  Do I still have to pay monthly?
  2. Will I be blacklisted if I can no longer afford my fees?
  3. Do I have to pay up front, or can I pay monthly?
  4. Can I get a discount if I pay all my fees up front?
  5. Do I get a discount if I finish early?

Distance Learning Colleges    

So where is the best place to start your distance education? Try these esteemed institutions. Vost their websites to find out more about each college.

Skills Academy Supported Learning

Distance learning in South Africa

Skills Academy is a private distance learning college that has been operating since 2009. 

They have applied from registration with DHET, and have been given accreditation by QCTO, FASSET, ICB and CIMA.

They also have a range of short courses that are not accredited for students needing to take the first step in their career. 

If you study with Skills Academy you do not take a credit agreement to study – so you can never be black listed.  You are allowed to cancel if your circumstances change, and you are able to make small monthly payments to your studies so it is affordable for anyone.

Their service is legendary – the best in the business!

Here are some courses you can study with Skills Academy:

To find out about distance learning as an option and about the ICB courses that Skills Academy offers you can read their ICB Distance Learning Courses page.

TWP Academy

Distance learning in South Africa

TWP Academy was launched by Together We Pass in 2015.

TWP Academy is a college for professionals, offering business programs to people in the work place that want to get their first or further promotions.

They are accredited by QCTO, FASSET and the ICB.  They also offer a small selection of short courses so assist the young professional, such as OHS and Project Management.


The Decor School

Distance learning in South Africa





Home Study College

Distance learning in South Africa






The Learning Group

Distance learning in South Africa






If you want to study in South Africa, then distance learning is one of the best options around.

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Last updated: April 20, 2019