ICB Exam Timetable 2016

ICB Exam Timetable 2016

Need to know what your ICB exam timetable 2016 is? We have the answer for you. Find all the info you need for your ICB exam dates below or if you need an exam timetable for 2017 click here: Exam Timetable 2017 ICB Exam Timetable 2016

Name of courseCourse codeTime SlotExam Date
Bookkeeping to Trial BalanceJBTB/ BKTB09:0014 November 2016
Office CommunicationOCOM09:0014 November 2016
Human Resources Management and Labour RelationsOAHR09:0014 November 2016
Business and Office Administration 1OAB109:0014 November 2016
Technical Public AccountingTPAC09:0014 November 2016
Financial StatementsSBFS/ FNST13:0014 November 2016
Marketing Management and Public RelationsOAMM13:0014 November 2016
Essential Business FinanceESBF13:0014 November 2016
Payroll and Monthly SARS ReturnsJBPR09:0015 November 2016
Business and Office Administration 3OAB309:0015 November 2016
Cost and Management AccountingSBCM13:0015 November 2016
Business and Office Administration 2OAB213:0015 November 2016
Public Accounting AdministrationPAAD13:0015 November 2016
Business LiteracyBSL3/ BUSL09:0016 November 2016
Corporate StrategyFACS09:0016 November 2016
BookkeepingOABK09:0016 November 2016
ManagementMGMT09:0016 November 2016
Income Tax ReturnsTFIT13:0016 November 2016
EconomicsOAEC13:0016 November 2016
Computerised BookkeepingJBCB09:0017 November 2016
Management Accounting Control SystemsFAMC09:0017 November 2016
Business and Office Administration 2OACM09:0017 November 2016
Financial AccountingFNAC09:0017 November 2016
Accounting Theory and PracticeFATP09:0017 November 2016
Business Law and Accounting ControTFBL13:0017 November 2016
Business Law and Administrative PracticeOABL13:0017 November 2016

You can read the ICB Office Administration page for more information on this qualification.

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