ICB Accredited Courses for your career

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)

The ICB is a professional body for business and finance practitioners in South Africa. Their aim is to help people maintain high standards in a multitude of business related fields. ICB Accredited courses are designed to give you working knowledge for your career.

To accomplish this, they offer accredited courses in business management and financial accounting fields. They specialise in 5 business and accounting streams, namely; Entrepreneurship, Financial Accounting, Public Sector Accounting, Business Management and Office Administration.

They’ve been around since 1931, and have a longstanding reputation with many of the top companies in South Africa. They’ve spent more than 80 years building their reputation in order to keep their courses up to the latest industry standards. As a nationally, and internationally recognised institution, their qualifications are respected by possible employers. The ICB Accredited Courses provide working knowledge which allows you to start your career immediately after completing your 1st certificate with them.

Accredited Courses

For a courses to be accredited, they need to be approved by an external body. Usually this will be done by a government institution such as the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) or the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

The courses offered by the ICB go through constant checks to make sure that they’re up to date and useful in today’s industry. All courses are accredited through the QCTO and SAQA, and are registered on the National Qualifications framework (NQF).

Your Career in Bookkeeping

Starting your career in bookkeeping with the ICB is easy, you can even study without matric. The courses start at NQF L3 certificate courses and go all the way up to NQF L6 National Diploma courses. You can start studying the ICB Junior Bookkeeping Course and obtain your first qualification at NQF L3. This qualification proves that you have the required knowledge to start working as a junior bookkeeper.

Since all courses are structured according the the NQF, you’ll be able to use your NQF L3 certificate to study any of the NQF L4 courses offered by the ICB. As you progress through the levels of your preferred course, you’ll be able to apply for higher positions relative to your qualifications and work experience.

Growing with the ICB

The ICB does not only allow you to further your career through study. They also offer membership to the ICBA if you meet the required criteria for a certain kind of membership. This membership offers you exclusive benefits to assist you throughout your career. It also lets future employers know how much work experience you have in a particular field depending on your membership. This alone is valuable when applying for a new job or trying to get your next promotion.

Completing the highest level of one of the ICB Accredited courses allows you to study further with other institutions such as Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) You can apply for as much as 6 exemptions from CIMA with your NQF L6 National Diploma in Financial Accounting.

Study Options

You can study ICB courses in a variety of ways. You have many options which allow you to fit your studies into your lifestyle as you need to. The courses are structured in such a way, that you are able to take individual subjects as short courses if needed in order to spread out your study load.

ICB Accredited Courses Structure

All of the courses require you to complete one Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) and one final exam per subject. Once you have passed all of the required subjects for a certain course, you will be able to receive your qualification. Depending on which method of study you choose, you’ll have different opportunities to write your final exam and submit your PoE.

Part-time or Full-time

Part-time and full time students will receive their course material and PoE from the college or university they choose to study at. Exams will also be held every month for these students, which you chosen institution will help you register for.

Distance Learning

Distance learning offers unmatched flexibility, as you will not need to attend any classes and you can fit your studies into your life as you want to. The only requirements will be for you to submit your PoE and complete your final exam. Exams are held 4 times a year and you will receive your PoE directly from the ICB about 3-4 weeks after you have registered for a specific exam slot.