What Is Distance Learning?

The word distance learning is used to describe learning that is received away from a physical school, college or university.

Who studies through distance learning?

The students who study through distance learning are the students who:

  • Have a day-time job.
  • Live too far away from a learning institution.
  • Feel that they are too old to go back to a college/university campus.
  • Don’t have the money to study at a campus (travelling, accommodation and study material costs).
  • Simply prefer distance learning to noisy classes and crowded campuses.

Why choose Distance Learning?

 What is distance learning, Education institutions in South Africa

Studying via distance learning allows you to organise your studies around your work, social life, your family and other responsibilities. Distance learning is very convenient, as you do not have to attend any classes. Thus, by studying a distance learning course like ICB Bookkeeping and Accounting, you will be able to enhance your career by learning new skills and knowledge, without taking time off work. Some companies are even considerate enough to pay for your studies, because it assures that they have skilled employees.

With distance learning, you can study from anywhere in South Africa, as your study material will be delivered right to your door or nearest post office.

Another advantage of distance learning, is that you can further your studies no matter your age. There will be no one around to judge you. Many adults, who never finished Matric, sign up for distance learning to study a NQF4 course, which is equivalent to a Matric certificate. It is never too late to get your “Matric” OR further your studies on any level.   

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